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Olēnich Spring-Summer 2022 collection was born out of chaos and remarks the unbearable desire to celebrate freedom we all crave for. Olēnich woman finds herself in a whole new world and she wants nothing, but to explore it light-heartedly. Designer Yana Olenich empowers her to experiment more and creates a wardrobe ready for a joyful living in a new, emerging reality.

She is willing to open up to the new world and claims herself proudly, therefore there are no limits and no moderation in the Olēnich SS22 collection. Designer moves away from a humble color palette and oversized silhouettes in favor to the body-conscious styles, such as draped stretchy dresses, extremely short shorts and skin-flashing bras and tops. 

Speaking of the color palette, Yana Olenich refers to the vivid 60s, reflecting the decade’s vitality and playful mood. Graphic color clashes are both energetic and tranquilizing, giving the sense of a color therapy. Eye-catching ice-cream pink, faience blue and zesty orange have a full spotlight here, surrounded by natural hues of cocoa brown, moss green and midnight blue. To add even more dynamic and movement to the collection designer introduces patterned knitwear, inspired by retro optical art.

Outerwear becomes a framework for other styles and acts as an emergency brake. In case of being extra sensitive, Olēnich heroine can always find a refuge, hiding behind the monolithic eco-leather trench coats, capes and armor-like biker jackets and vests. 

For Spring-Summer 2022 Yana Olenich constructs a new, excessively positive reality for a woman, wanting nothing, but freedom, joy and almost trip-like escape.




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