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Olēnich Fall-Winter 2021-22 collection is the exploration of sexuality in solitude. Designer Yana Olenich empowers her heroine to take a trip towards her pleasure centers and focus on herself in conditions of voluntary isolation.

Interweaving of sensuality and melancholy brings certain dramatism to the collection, which is revealed in a kinetic color palette — earthy hues of brown, dark olive and lava grey contrast with saturated coral orange, sky blue and lemon yellow.

Self-satisfaction leads to autosexuality, therefore the designer focuses on the most tactile materials, using soft cashmere, merino wool and cloud-like faux fur, opposing these materials to the brand’s iconic eco-leather. This specific touchability also embodies in the numerous slits and cutouts, which reveal the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

Yana Olenich encourages any forms of self-indulgence and considers Fall-Winter 2021-22 collection to be an introspective journey instead of a real one.




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