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Olēnich Spring-Summer 2021 collection is a story about lifecycle. Everything fades away and then comes back to life after a while. Designer Yana Olenich attempts to show this cyclicality using different tools, such as color palette and materials. Concept of longevity finds its reflection in cotton, which was recycled before and can be recycled multiple times afterwards. While the idea of endless renewal embodies in the iconic trench from the brand’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection presented here in the shade of dried green peas.

Designer uses the color palette of the collection to develop the ideas of renewal and cyclicality. Saturated shades of mellow spring berries and fresh greens slowly fade as if they were sun bleached by the end of summer.

The uncertainty of the world we live in also finds its reflection in the collection. Designer seeks for comfort and presents knitted polo neck dresses, cardigans and cozy pantsuits, which are an integral part of modern day wardrobe.

More than ever Olēnich heroine needs positivity now. Designer refers to the joyful 70s and brings some fun to the collection, presenting playful flared trousers and fitted jackets. Naivete and simplicity are other categories, which designer explores. This time Yana Olenich encourages us to perceive the world through children’s eyes and collaborates with four years old artist Sara, whose cartoonish drawings became the prints on jumpers and shirts.

Olēnich Spring-Summer 2021 is a palette of feelings urgently needed nowadays. Comfort, positivity, sexiness and traditional for the brand security blend together in the collection. World is an unpredictable place right now and versatility is the key.




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