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FW22/23 Collection

Olēnich nomadic woman returns home after several years of wandering. Her longing for home is excruciating and she still hopes to find freedom within it. Designer Yana Olenich constructs a severe, but familiar reality for her, evoking her inner strength and endurance. To bring the sense of familiarity to the collection, the designer reintroduces a corn yellow eco-leather trench coat from the season one, which is now quintessential to the brand’s history.

Mourning silhouettes of the collection look delicate and powerful at the same time. Yana Olenich wraps her heroine in monumental eco-leather trench coats, massive faux fur jackets and wool coats to endow her with the feeling of the utmost security. This season Olēnich put their bets on the high quality alternatives to mink, coyote and polar fox furs, proving that a product with a luxury feeling is achievable without crimes against nature and its creatures.

 Lightweight silk becomes the counterpoint to the heavier materials and exposes the fragile inner world of the heroine. Her beauty shines from the inside and there are crystals behind the layers of protection. To visualize it Yana Olenich includes in the collection see-through styles made of crystal mesh. Bringing this contradiction even further, the designer presents faux fur and silk corsets as well as elegant cargo trousers and skirts made of eco-leather and silk.

 Color palette highlights the dramatic nature of the collection. Corn yellow, berry red and lilac shine through the deep tones of midnight blue, artichoke green and cherry brown.

 Olēnich Fall-Winter 2022 collection is a story about wanderlust and homecoming, an attempt to find peace and freedom in the homeland. The heroine of the collection is a wanderer, she is hunting for pearls and she is hunting for blisses, she may not be here physically, but her heart is forever given to the Motherland.




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